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hello there! I am Basile Therer, graduated from IHECS in Marketing communication and currently working at Proximus. Have a quick look around and you might want to contact me. I'm working on a new website, it's still very rough but please check it if you'd like :)


Aside from my training at ihecs, i grew interested in the human-machine UX field. I don't think that people are bad at technology, i believe that technology is bad at people, my job as a UX strategist and interaction designer is to make a digital service as affordant to its target as possible. Using various techniques and interviews with actual users, we can learn how the users actually use a digital interface, what their habits are, how they behave and what they expect. I have experience with card sorting, in lab mobile testing and analytics that may help a design/strategy team understand how to improve the interface, the information architecture and visual hierarchy.

My master's thesis was about user experience in mobility situation, how movement influences behaviour and how mobile devices actually changes the way users consume digital media. My goal was to find a way for teams with a small budget to actually use mobile UX principles and gather relevant data about the usage context. This work gave me tools and techniques that can actually be used to refine content/design strategy and improve conversion on digital services.


  • Proximus, i am working on highly complex systems with event/choice based interactions on the web (GuidedContact) and voice-based customer interactions (IVR)
  • Master thesis, about mobility UX, giving me a strong theoretical base for user experience, especially around mobile interfaces (i will post a link as soon as it's legal to).
  • Doodle sprl, 3 months internship working on digital projects for Engie-fabricom, TTO théâtre toison d'or and Euromed rights.
  • IHECS, "mémoire médiatique" for the brand Madame Supertrash where i was responsible for the digital aspect and design of the campaign.
  • IHECS, "Cours bloc" on the brand Havana Club Especial (Pernaut Ricard) during which we created an interactive story.


I started web developpement a few years ago and it grew on me pretty fast. This website was entierly coded from scratch in about two days (but will be refined in the weeks to come). I strongly believe that digital isn't always the way, sometime products need to grow and change before it is ready for the digital world. With that said, when a mature product or service is sent to the web, magic happens. The web is a medium of interaction, it learns and feeds from most of the other media and can provide with both rich and varied experiences. This potential can benefit any brand with a bit (a lot) of strategy sprinkeled onto it. Here are some of my web skills :

> CSS / scss / less
> Javascript
> MERN stack
> Wordpress
> Grav CMS
> Digital marketing


  • I am currently working at Proximus on various projects as a pure configuration/dev job (no input on design) for the Guided Contact project, Fiber digital forms using a in-house made framework
  • Doodle sprl, 3 months internship working on digital projects on the strategic and production side. I refined my coding skills and learned a bit about newsletters and database management. I took care of the developpement of Engie activity report using jekyll, front-end developpement of Euromed rights and micro interaction for Hopla! circus and TTO théâtre toison d'or.
  • IHECS, Madame Supertrash where i was responsible for the web aspect of the campaign (amongst other tasks).
  • IHECS, "Cours bloc" on the brand Havana Club Especial (Pernaut Ricard) during which we created an interactive story.
  • Divanesco, a free project i developped on wordpress with a friend for Divanesco Production.
  • Aku, this project started with two friends from ihecs, we intended it to be a blogging platform but after our internships, we were all too busy to continue on this project. Still, i developped it using Grav CMS and it was very instructive
  • As a children's leader and activity organizer, i also developped a game to teach kids about algorithms in javascript. Through a simple interface they had to find a solution outputted by an algoritm they had and a randomly generated array. Each correct answer would add time to a timer, each wrong answer would strip a few seconds. By having the timer up and running, they would allow the other team to solve riddles in another room and when the timer reached zero, an alarm would go off, triggering an event we prepared with my team. By the end of the summer camp, all the kids interested in this activity, most of who had never coded before, would write simple if/else/for statements and hacking the game we created to use it by themselves.
  • Damien moreau, my very first website, the copy was provided by the client and i took care of the code (god i was so proud of it 4 years ago...), it will thankfully be updated and relifted on november 12 2016.


I studied advertising and marketing communication for 5 years. Consumer profiles, promotion techniques, the impact of each medium on its audience and campaign or project management hold no secret from me. To me, the work of ad people is about undersanting the nodes that exist between people and their goals and how one can provide something to ease their journey achieving their goals.

By understanding people through relevant data, advertising smoothes the search of the consumer who's looking for a way to improve a part of his everyday life. Without a good and relevant product, advertising is nothing but an artificial layer of glitter that fades fast. This is why i believe that our job is to improve anything we promote in any way we can. Advertising has to be meaningful, from a discount to the reveal of a revolutionnary product, advertising must provide relevant content aswell as a non-obstrusive shell. Following these guidelines, i try to do as much as i can to provide brands with as much data and insights to bring their audience closer to them.


  • Master in advertising and marketing communication.
  • Doodle sprl, 3 months internship including client meeting, goal planning and deadline managing, contact with Mandragore who took care of all the print production.
  • IHECS, "mémoire médiatique" on the brand Madame Supertrash where i got involved in a year long battle against the odds, with the brand dying on us in the middle. I took part of the strategic and analytic aspect of the campaign, user research, web developpement, some picture editing and a bit of print technical support. We also created the invitations for the jury, including picture of their faces on oily fit bodies and an bit of typographical work.
  • IHECS, Havana Club Especial (Pernaut Ricard) where i got about the same role as on madame supertrash, with a bit more involvement on the copy of the interactive story we created.
  • Ihecs, Wallibi was another school project in which we researched the market for a few months, competitors, brand positioning, etc. to better twist its objective to what the brand needed resulting in a fictionnal campaign.


Before i turned to advertising, i wanted to be a designer. Concerned by the lack of theory and my limited drawing skills, i turned to ihecs in hope of finding a good balance between production and theory. In the end, this was a perfect match and i could easily fill the parts left off on my own. I specialise in interaction design and combined with my coding skills, i can deliver working prototypes and maintainable websites. On the technical aspect, those are my skills related to design :

> Adobe Illustrator
> Adobe Photoshop
> Adobe After-effects
> Adobe indesign
> Effective prototyping
> Data visualization
> Procreate


  • Doodle sprl, 3 months internship whrer i worked on a brand lifting for Stee & Barney's. Unfortunately the project was dropped early on but i got to produce a first embryo-iteration. I also designed some icons for a few projects we were working on.
  • IHECS, "mémoire médiatique" on the brand Madame Supertrash where i worked a bit on photo editing, motion design, interface design and print design. I also made the splash screens and infographics of our final presentation (this is quite heavy, you may go pour yourself a tea in the meantime, or just check my work below).
  • IHECS, "Cours bloc" on the brand Havana Club Especial (Pernaut Ricard).
  • IHECS, Wallibi campaign for which i did a minute long motion design presentation for the app we created.